Advice for travelers

General Tips and Recommendations to Guests in Bulgarian Resorts

I. Driving a motor vehicle:

1. The speed limit when driving a motor vehicle:
– in urban areas – 50 km/h;
– outside urban areas:
140 km/h – on highways; 90 km/h – on all roads outside cities.
* Except when other limits are set by a traffic sign.
2. Vehicles travelling on the Bulgarian motorway network, outside cities, must have a vignette sticker on the windscreen (vignette stickers are available at gas stations and licenced dealers).
3. On the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria it is mandatory for all vehicles to have their lights on throughout the year.
4. It is strictly forbidden to drive after having more than 50 mg of alcohol in 100 ml blood.
5. Park your vehicles in secure parking areas designated for that purpose. Do not leave any valuables, documents or money in your car. Make sure it is locked up. At night do not park in dark and deserted places.

II. During your stay:

1. Carry with you only small amounts of cash, especially on the beach and during the night.
2. When you are outdoors, especially in crowded places, NEVER leave your belongings unattended.

III. In the hotel:

1. Present your passport or ID card when checking-in at the hotel.
2. Use the hotel safe deposit boxes at reception for storing your valuables and expensive possessions.
3. When leaving your room, make sure that all windows are closed and the front door is locked.
4. Do not leave valuables and money in the room. When you are out, keep your keys safe.
5. In case of fire, please leave the building following the fire evacuation plan. If possible, immediately call 112 and inform the fire department. Notify the reception staff.

IV. Currency exchange and gambling:

1. If possible, withdraw money only from ATMs in hotels, in or near banks or in the vicinity of police stations.
2. For currency exchange use only the services of banks and change bureaux located at the hotel or near the police station. 
3. Avoid contacts with suspicious people who offer to change money or other transactions under more favourable conditions than those provided to you in the change bureaux or the bank.

V. Gambling:

1. Do not participate in unauthorised gambling, especially in the streets, because you can easily be deceived.

VI. Lost and stolen valuables and documents:

1. Let the police know that you wish to make a statement and ask for the lost or stolen form in the respective language.

2. Ask for an interpreter when making the statement. Do not sign anything you don´t understand.
3. If you wish to obtain a police report, you need to pay 2.50 BGN. If you pay the fee via bank transfer, the bank usually charges a commission fee of 5-7 BGN depending on the bank. Always obtain a receipt for all transactions.
* If you have to pay the required amount outside working hours, contact the duty police officer.

VII. Victim or witness of a crime:

1. If you are a victim of a crime or have witnessed one, immediately notify the police and your tour operator.

VIII. In case of arrest:

1. In case of arrest, you have the right of an interpreter, a lawyer and a phone call. The police officer will inform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about your detention and they will notify the respective Embassy. You also have the right to inform your Embassy direct or use the help of an interpreter if needed.

* No roaming required